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Regular IT maintenance will help your business IT systems run more smoothly and make them less likely to break down, ensuring effective performance and reducing support costs as well as increasing the predictability of the systems.

Basic IT maintenance

Basic IT maintenance (‘housekeeping’) should include archiving old material, deleting redundant files to free up space and defragmenting hard drives so things can be accessed more quickly. As you’d expect, failing to perform tasks like these is unlikely to lead to immediate disaster. However, neglecting them for long periods can cause niggly problems, slow systems and a create shortage of space for new files. And as anyone who has to wait an age for their computer to switch on every morning will tell you, when small issues are neglected, they become big ones

Good IT maintenance involves good documentation
Where your IT systems are concerned, maintaining good documentation is important. All too often the important knowledge is possessed by one or two key people – which is fine, until when they leave or happen to be absent when something goes wrong. DCHost shares  all your sites / companies IT documentation on our online Document Management Systems with you. For instance network layout, device information, configurations and passwords act.

Make sure your documentation is up to date. File new software discs safely, record licence keys when you buy and download software online – and be sure to save passwords as they’re changed. Finally, make sure people in your business know where to find this key information.

Some our out IT Services we offer

Remote and On-Site IT Support Server IT Support
Desktop IT Support Internet Connectivity Setup/Support
Email Configuration and Support Virus & Malware Removal
Ifrastructure Consulting and Support Backup and Disaster Recovery
Website Development Software Installation and Support
General IT Support Windows & Linux Support
Network points, server patching and fixing / install point. IT Consulting



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